Staying on Track

Who wants to be great in 2020?

We all do!!!

Many of us create New Year Resolutions or other goals to start our year.  And many of us fall off of the resolution wagon because our goals were too ambitious or not well defined.  How do we set ourselves up for greatness?

Divide and  Conquer!  


Any goal or project can become overwhelming if we look at where we want to be from the start.  We forget that it’s a journey and that we ourselves will be changed along that journey as we learn and experience new things.  So, map out your goals to make them obtainable!

Easier said than done, we know! So, I’m going to share a goal I have and the steps I’m going to take to reach that goal.  I hope this helps just one person be more successful in 2020!

(This example used is a real-life example.  It is not an ad for any of the mentioned companies, just what I use.)

Goal: Increase Constant Contact opens and click-throughs by 25%.

Step one: Research – What type of emails should I send?  How often should I send emails?  Should I send different styles with different frequencies?

What does Constant Contact offer to make my email and marketing effort more effective?  Am I utilizing their help on topics or tools I’m not familiar with to be most productive?

Should I use a proofing company such as Grammarly to help keep my emails polished?

Step Two: Preparation –   Create templates for different types of emails, or purchase the service from Constant Contact to create templates to match the website (sometimes it’s free with your subscription!)  Create links to social media sites and website.  Upload media files for easy use in emails. Set a schedule for when to send the emails and plan a dedicated time each week to work on email marketing.

Step Three: Action – Start creating content and hit send!

Step Three: Review – Email services include analytics to see how well an email campaign is doing.  Are people opening the email?  Which ones did they like best? Least?  Which ones did they engage with the most and click-through? Least?  How can I modify my efforts to produce more results?

Step Four: Repeat!

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