Holiday Trains

It was just Halloween, but it’s that time of year. Time to start gearing up for Holiday Trains. Whether you are running your own event or an event like The Polar Express ™ , it’s a lot of work, planning, and stress during the holiday season.

So, how do you work smart and not hard this holiday season? Well, there are some options available for you.

  • Stop selling tickets manually- Some railroads still sell tickets by keeping manual logs. Taking up a lot of staff’s energy and leaving opportunities for mistakes and overbooking. It’s a control thing. We’ve all been there, not trusting computers, keeping paper or excel logs, even when the software is doing its job. However, electronic booking has been around long enough that it’s pretty reliable, no matter who you go with as a vendor. And, you can still do souvenir tickets with online booking. There is no downside to electronic ticketing, as long as you have reliable internet. Your staff will thank you!
  • Assigned Seating- Again, with the electronic system…. but it makes seat assignments so much easier. And you have choices as to how you assign your cars. Move away from having to go through open seating cars, policing families who spread out, or use seats for blankets and jackets. When your trips are busy, assigned seating helps control the masses, making it a better experience for the guest and the staff.
  • Staff/Volunteer Assignments- Another considerable element of holiday trains is managing staff and volunteers. Anyone’s blood pressure rising just reading this? There are solutions to this, as well. Specifically with Dynamic Ticket Solutions. We offer a Crew Caller module with our software. This solution allows management to enter staff and volunteers into the system according to their skill levels, and the staff needs for any excursion. Then either a manager schedules staff and send out a scheduled email to everyone, or…. a request to fill email is sent out for staff and volunteers pick when they can work. Either way, you know what your needs are and what roles need to be filled. For more information or a quick 15-minute demo of crew caller module, email us at
  • Bad Weather / Train Cancellations- So, bad weather happens. Most of the time, it’s not a big deal, and trains run regardless. However, sometimes weather or other factors do cause an excursion to be canceled. That can be a big headache calling and canceling all of the tickets for that train. here is a solution (with DTS!) that allows you to automatically cancel a train and refund all tickets with one button.
  • Reindeer- For those with Reindeer….. if you offer a petting zoo experience, that can be a ticketed event too!
  • Reports and Marketing- Who came to your event? Where were they from? How much do you owe to a licensing company? How much did you make on the event? Cookie-cutter reports don’t always provide the data you need or if they do it’s time-consuming to piece together the information to give a big-picture look at your event. Make sure your ticketing company can provide you what you need to be successful both this season and preparing for next year.

Dynamic Ticket Solutions strives to provide a system that not only handles your ticketing needs, but your management, marketing, and customer experience needs as well. Please give us a call 1-856-779-0230 or email sales@dynamicticketsolutions to discuss what we can do to help your organization grow.

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