When technology isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

Technology is supposed to make our lives better, easier, and less stressful. In a lot of ways it does. In other ways, the increased demand for technology leaves us frustrated, causing more stress when things don’t work and lower levels of customer service. Like when you need internet, but there is no feasible way to connect internet to a moving train. What’s a railroad supposed to do for retail on the train?

Sure, doing it old school with a register and cash only is an acceptable solutions. Or is it? Do you have a POS system in your retail store and would using a register cause more work on the back end? How are you tracking inventory with your register? Could you increase sales if you start taking credit cards on the train?

Fortunately, necessity is the mother of invention. DTS continuously strives to find solutions to problems railroads face. In this situation, DTS has already created a dependable solution that works well in unifying sales, inventory, and reporting across the whole railroads retail and concessions system. The POS solutions allows for credit card sales on the train, even without internet. As well as the availability to create tabs and collect credit card tips.

To learn more about the remote POS solution or other products DTS offers, email us at sales@dynamicticketsolutions.com or call us a 1-856-779-0230.

Do you have challenges that you don’t have a solution to just yet? Why not send us your issue to see if we have a solution or can create a solution for you? We always love a challenge! sales@dynamicticketsolutions.com

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